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Reputation Management

Profile Implementation & Management

Outside of having a professionally designed and managed website, one of the most important aspects of leveraging your brand and business is through online profile and reputation management. It’s mind boggling to figure out how to set up profiles accurately, manage the content and then make timely responses to queries, comments and negative reviews – all while running a busy practice. This is where our expertise can help you stay on track.

Why Reviews Matter

Online reviews of healthcare providers have become a very real factor for physicians and practices over the past few years. This is a concern that will only continue to grow as the landscape of the Internet continues to change and develop. Patients are becoming more comfortable with sharing their opinions and personal experiences in written online reviews, and they have no trouble giving ratings – both positive and negative – on the Internet in very public ways. The number of platforms to facilitate these reviews is also growing rapidly. Whether these reviews are positive or negative, healthcare providers need to take action to protect their reputation and practice.

We can Help

Professional practitioners are frequently auto-included on websites that feature healthcare providers such as HealthGrades, Vitals, Ucompare and even Yelp and YellowPages, and information may not always be accurate or up-to-date. We have a reputation among the most prominent profiles sites for providing up-to-date information and they depend on us for our expertise. Our online profile management system will give you peace of mind while ensuring that online information is accurate.

We constantly monitor reviews as they happen and our practice model of management helps to curb negative reviewers and spammers while encouraging positive results. Although no one can guarantee zero negative comments on profiles, our ability to manage all comments and reviews helps to keep the tempo positive and encourages authentic reviews from real patients.